#WeCare is a racial justice solution to health inequality. Today more than ever, as COVID19 tears through communities, we all have a part to play in creating health equality. 

Right now, people of color are up to 3xs more likely to die from COVID19 than White Americans. That’s called health inequality rooted in racial injustice. 

WeCare about fixing that. WeCare about changing that. You can join us! 

Your gift today contributes to creating health equality and racial justice. WeCare  protects African Americans, Latinos, and people in low income areas affected by the pandemic. WeCare delivers on safety, service, and care to build health equality while stopping the spread of COVID19.

WeCare is an evidence based community health initiative. That means it’s designed based on tons of data to make sure every dollar is spent on programming that is proven to significantly solve health equality. Want to discover more? We’re here for it! Send us an email at info [at] polisintitute.org and let’s talk more about why health equality has to be central to racial justice solutions creating a brighter future we can all thrive in.