Scroll down for listings of Central Florida’s County Health Departments and County government hubs. You’ll also find resources to stay up to date on COVID-19 cases within Florida and the U.S..

The Florida Dept. of Health Dashboard below is updated daily. May take a few moments to load fully. 

A pandemic happens in “exponential” instead of “linear” flows of data.  That means to make sense of what’s happening across America and the world, it’s important to look at many sources before sharing info. Put the points of information into context. Share information you trust and have double validated – checking at least one other source reference. Researchers and reporters are doing their best to get it right. But remember, in an exponential curve of events, it’s up to each of us to verify and reverify.


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  COUNTY OFFICES Contact Information


Brevard County Government

Phone (Board of Commissioners): (800) 955- 8771

Brevard County Dept. of Health

Phone: (321) 454-7111


Lake County Government

Phone: (352) 732 – 4830

Lake County Dept. of Health

Phone – (352)589-6424


Orange County Government

Phone: (407) 836 – 3111

Orange County Dept. of Health 

Phone: (407) 858 -1400


Osceola County Government

Phone: (407) 752 -2275

Osceola County Dept. of Health

Phone – (407) 343-2000


Polk County Government

Phone: (863) 534 – 6000

Polk County Dept. of Health

Phone: (863) 519-7900


Seminole County Government

Phone: (407) 665 – 7219

Seminole County Dept.of Health

Phone – (407) 665 – 3000


Volusia County Government

Phone: (386) 736 – 2700

Volusia County Dept. of Health

Phone: (386) 274 -7500



INFORM – Each other about how to be safe & stop the spread of COVID-19. Every person in every neighborhood makes a difference. Inform yourself and others. 

RESPECT – Respect the basics to keep your family safe. Respect the basics to keep your community safe. Respect the guidelines today so we can share a better tomorrow. 

ASSIST – Help your neighbors. We all have a part to play. You can volunteer to put your skills and compassion to good use today right now.  Learn more about volunteering here. 

INSPIRE – Choose to inspire people to stay uplifted. Inspire people to make good decisions. Inspire people to be kind and stay safe. Inspire people to come together, because United we can overcome this virus.