FACT: Anyone can get COVID-19

FACT: Anyone can spread COVID-19

FACT: People with existing health conditions and people who are older, have higher risks of suffering more severe affects from COVID-19.


United together, we can make strong policy choices and good everyday decisions that  protect the most vulnerable people in our communities and keep all of us safe.

The Community Care Needs Assessment Map was built to give policy makers, community leaders, and everyday neighbors an easy way to see the levels of health risk in communities.

This map is for desktops and tablets only. It’s intended for analysis reviews and thoughtful reflection. 


INFORM – Inform each other about how to be safe & stop the spread of COVID-19. Every person in every neighborhood makes a difference. Inform yourself and others. 

RESPECT – Respect the basics to keep your family safe. Respect the basics to keep your community safe. Respect the guidelines today so we can share a better tomorrow. 

ASSIST – Help your neighbors. We all have a part to play. You can volunteer to put your skills and compassion to good use today right now.  Learn more about volunteering here. 

INSPIRE – Choose to inspire people to stay uplifted. Inspire people to make good decisions. Inspire people to be kind and stay safe. Inspire people to come together, because United we can overcome this virus.