CENTRAL FLORIDA UNITED is a regional team initiative created in response to COVID-19. It’s championed by faith based organizations, community leaders, and public/private partnerships. Our mission is to facilitate the flow of accurate information and to ensure agile, resilient, and collaborative responses to COVID-19 in all Central Florida communities.

The Central Florida United Team works collaboratively. We operate with four objectives. 

1. Provide people in our community with information about volunteering and everyday actions to be of service. 

2. Create a community based safety net in coordination with civic and non profit leaders that protects and prioritizes the most vulnerable high risk members of our communities.  #CFU affirms the urgent importance of directing attention to the heightened risks of high COVID-19 CFRs identified within low income communities across our region.

3. Provide all Central Floridians with accurate and up to date information on how to stop the spread of COVID-19 so that together we can restart our economy and more importantly, save lives. 

4. Continually offer a streamlined platform for leaders from all sectors to Unite in choosing actions that can and will make a difference in helping all communities to have questions addressed, needs met, and public health safety prioritized. 

The WHY: Central Florida is home to exceptionally qualified leaders. From community leaders to faith based champions to businesses and non profits, our region is fortunate to have an enormous pool of highly skilled and highly qualified people and organizations.

Central Florida United was created to give local residents and leaders from all sectors a platform for coordinated rapid responses to a call to action from the Center for Disease Control. The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, CDC recommends all communities establish Community based responses to increase the probability of successfully winning this fight.

In support of mobilizations by government agencies and healthcare providers across Central Florida, we see it is a moral obligation to do everything possible in equally mobilizing the volunteer spirit and collaborative capacity of regional champions.